Meet the Board of Directors for the American Anti-Opiate Addiction Association



Doug Carr holds a wide range of distinguished accreditation and licenses spanning from Florida to Colorado and even including Hawaii. Having such designations have allowed Doug’s career to top over $250,000,000 in real estate sales.
Doug’s background includes working with planning and zoning commissions as well as serving on the Mayor’s economic development committee.


Born in New York and raised in Florida, Robert has always been keen to Business and Finance.   Robert began marketing automotive, legal and physicians groups at the age of 18.  He has worked with Google’s largest ad partners and has an extensive background in Finance, graduating from one of Florida’s most prestigious Financial Training Institutions in his early 20’s.

Robert is passionate about educating those who have been prescribed opiates for incidents like accidents and chronic back pain. He believes opiates are “given away with no regard for future complications” and says “considering the possible alternatives is important when receiving treatments such as pain management.”

Being in multiple car accidents and going through pain management himself, Robert has seen first hand how the opiate epidemic has gotten out of control.  “I have met doctors that try to drown you in pain pills and I have met doctors who are realistic and recommend things like Medical Cannabis as a substitute to opiates.  I was lucky enough to have a realistic doctor and that is why I no longer need the opiate medications.”